The Glen Alpin Conservancy works toward the rehabilitation, preservation and public enjoyment of the historic house and grounds at Glen Alpin in Harding Township, New Jersey. Glen Alpin, owned by the Township of Harding and the Harding Land Trust, encompasses over nine and a half acres at the corner of Mount Kemble Avenue and Tempe Wick Road.

The Conservancy is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) registered charity and all contributions are tax-deductible. The Conservancy raises funds for the rehabilitation of Glen Alpin and is researching information to be shared with the public about the historic, archaeological and natural resources of the remarkable site. The Conservancy also promotes the preservation of open space, historic sites and natural resources in the area around Glen Alpin.


Glen Alpin’s gracious first floor rooms with antique wood paneling and latticed windows could be the perfect place to gather for small meetings, receptions, artistic and musical events. The Glen Alpin Conservancy needs your help to make this happen. Please join today and send a contribution toward making Glen Alpin a special place for everyone.


Gwenn Claytor, President
Justine Kovacs, Vice President
Linda Meister, Secretary
Gerald H. Bischoff, Treasurer
Mary Prendergast
Ellie Weiner


Past Trustees:
Leslie Bensley
Sally Dudley
Ellen Laird
John O Lasser
Nicolas W Platt
Maureen Soter

Glen Alpin
685 Mount Kemble Ave.
(Route 202)
at Tempe Wick Road
Harding Township, NJ